What Makes America Great Essay Ideas and Tips

When you are assigned an essay about what makes America great and so unique, reflect on your passion and patriotism to ace the paper. Good writing skills alone are not enough. To impress the audience, basically made of your tutors and classmates, decide what side of the American world you want to discuss. You may take various reflective perspectives as this country has a rich history.

Both residents of the US and exchange students will benefit from such an assignment. If you are an international student, writing an essay about why America is great will significantly expand your knowledge of the culture, traditions, and social trends of the country. Natives will get a chance to prove that they belong to a truly great nation. It’s possible to discuss the theme of American exceptionalism endlessly. You have found a great place to get inspiration for an essay about a country where everyone can say out loud whatever they want thanks to the freedoms secured by its founding fathers.

Note: To learn more about essay writing in general, check out our guide: What is an essay?

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Topics About America for Various Classes

The issues you cover will depend on the class you take. Here is how your topics can be connected to the academic disciplines and covered in your essay.

  • Economics — the standard of living in the US.
  • Law — who should protect the rights of American citizens?
  • Macroeconomics — the economic consequences of immigration reform.
  • Culture studies – the new nationalists’ movement.
  • History of the world — the role of the United States in World War II.
  • Healthcare and medicine – the American system of health insurance (medicare).
  • Arts — the concept of the American dream in the works of famous painters.
  • English composition 101 — analyze the most famous speech by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • History of the United States — life and accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin.
  • Anthropology – the American creed.
  • Religious studies — basic religions promoted by people living in the US.
  • Literature — the best books about the American founders.
  • Political science — the political ideals in the United States today.

All points above and many other things make America great and can be written about in an essay. If you have to come up with an argumentative piece to encourage debates, try something like critics of America offered, for instance, by the Soviet authors or government representatives. Starting from its humble beginnings and finishing with the declaration of independence, there are many things to include in an essay about what makes the US such an incredible country.

Essay Sample About America by a Student

America’s greatness can be attributed to various exceptional things, which are the reason for the country’s happiness, comfort, and success. They include its incredibly creative people, the right to marry one’s choice, free speech, gun rights, and a high ability to harness entrepreneurial spirit, among others. Although each of them contributes to some extent in making the country great, I think that most of the greatness is brought about by the commitment to supporting businesses through their investment in harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit.

First, Americans are supportive of small entrepreneurs who have a zeal for doing business, and this empowers many people to take what has been just ideas and make them a reality. The support is given in various forms, such as reducing interests for borrowed loans, providing a conducive environment for small businesses and startups, providing free entrepreneurship classes, and reducing the import of goods that can be produced locally. I believe this supportive character is the main reason why many citizens take risks by venturing into new businesses that ultimately grow into large enterprises. The habit encourages them to pursue their entrepreneurship passions and also ignites the creativity spark driving continual innovation.

Another method used by Americans to harness the entrepreneurial spirit is through their continual fight for citizens to get good-paying jobs providing for their families comfortably. I believe this fight is the reason why many people across the world would wish to work in the country, considering the employees’ interests are put ahead and hence, guaranteed employment gains. With a good income, people are also able to take care of other life issues such as healthcare, entertainment, education, sports, and proper housing, among others. Therefore, life is made comfortable and enjoyable.

Also, I believe that America’s value for diversity has dramatically impacted businesses significantly by contributing to the robust growth of jobs in the already set small-business community. It is true that where there are increased job opportunities, people from different walks of life benefit as there are no biases based on gender, color, or disability. In such settings, everyone is contended and hence, eliminating the issue of occupational competition. For example, the country has a software startup known as ULTRA testing that embraces the topic of neurodiversity and is currently a leading method of hiring people with autism. The reason is their skills and talents for enhanced focus, pattern recognition, and attention to detail. With quality software assurance, businesses thrive well with the appreciation of diversity.

Although harnessing the entrepreneurship spirit makes America abundant, I understand that there are several factors that, if not well taken care of, may lead to its fall. For instance, if honor, justice, and opportunities are not made available to all, then the idea of harnessing Americans’ entrepreneurship potential will not bear any fruits at all. A good example is where foreigners are, to some extent, discouraged and in other cases, forced to leave the country. Such an attempt to some degree inhibits cohesion that is good for any economy to grow. In addition, other nations may get disappointed, forcing them to refrain from setting businesses in the country and hence, reducing the amount of foreign exchange. However, the United States has tried to find solutions for these challenges and thus promising for continual success.

Although many factors are leading to the prosperity of America, its approach in harnessing the entrepreneurship spirit has earned much of the achievements. It is attributed to loan waiving, motivation, value for diversity, and fight for well-paid jobs and, therefore, boosting other sectors such as health, education, and sports. I also believe that coupling the idea with other measures such as ensuring harmony, respect, and equal opportunities would propel the country to much greater heights.

How to Write an Essay about America

One of the keys to an A-grade essay is a good thesis. You should develop your statement to introduce the key aspects to the target audience and let them know what position you will defend. If you are not sure whether you have enough information to write such a paper, this is where a researching stage will help you gather enough data.

Enter proper keywords to speed up the process. Those could be something like “the concept of life liberty,” “things that make us a great country,” “the Islamic society and the United States,” “American government,” “the president’s elections in the US,” etc. Facts and statistics that you gather from reliable and up-to-date sources will help you see different dimensions and ideas related to the US. Except for that, when working on an essay about features that make America unique, consider the following:

  • Categorize suitable and inspiring topics to select the best one for your assignment (e.g., Free society and equality for all: Was America the first country to announce it?).
  • Apply analytical and critical thinking skills to develop a powerful thesis.
  • Leave some space to define any related terms like the “American dream.”
  • Insert some relevant quotations linked to the selected topic or aspect.
  • Appeal more to the audience by providing real-life examples.
  • In conclusion, summarize the main details and give the topic some broader context.

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Outlining Your Essay

No matter whether your topic is “Should the United States protect and support the Third World even today” or “Top proofs that America has all rights to be called the first democratic country of the modern world,” an outline will follow a pattern. The integral parts to include are an introductory paragraph, a body section, and a conclusion (excluding a bibliography or a reference page). You may drop or mix potential parts when outlining. The first draft might have repetitive points, which can impact the final impression negatively. An outline provides an effective way to define the strong and weak points of your essay, and you can turn to it each time you feel like getting lost in your writing.

While it is obvious what an intro and conclusion should include, we will add a few words about the body part. Make sure that each body paragraph starts with a topic sentence, provides enough evidence, and ends with transitions.

Discuss the potential and achievements of your country and show how proud you are. Besides your love for America, show respect for different parts of the world. You may choose and discuss one place in the US like New York City — your task is to present and open this country to both its citizens and guests from the rest of the world. Thus, stay creative and patriotic, and you’ll make it through!

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